Important notice:

Free Money Factory is by no means Multi Level Marketing—because the app is completely FREE and it always will be. When you invite a friend and get a 10% bonus (10% of the points your friend earns), the bonus points are never subtracted from your friend’s earnings. Those bonus points come from us – so both you and your friend gain. No one loses at the Free Money Factory.

The Free Money Factory

Free Money Factory is an Android app, designed to allow people to earn money easily thought their phones. In just a few minutes, you can get paid in an Amazon giftcards.

  • No schedules, no pressure.
  • Get money just by downloading apps or playing games.
  • Do it whenever you want, anywhere.
  • With our invite-friends system, you can earn more and more.


Image 4 How does it work? We have a selected group of sites and applications. By registering on these great sites or downloading apps, you earn points. In no time, you’ll earn enough to cash out.
Image 1 Invite friends With our unique inviting system, you earn points for every person you invite…and you also receive free points when your friend (or THEIR invited friends – up to 10 generations!) earns points.